Turn Videos Into A Test with EdPuzzle!

All the movie presentations you're creating with 30 Hands and Explain Everything can easily be turned into a formative or even a summarize assessment with EdPuzzle !

Just upload your videos directly into EdPuzzle or use a link for YouTube, add your assessment questions during the pauses to create in the video, and presto! - video assessments!

EdPuzzle gives you an option to share your assessment link with students or you can easily embed the link into your LMS system like Edmodo, Schoolology, Blackboard, Canvas, ItsLearning, etc. 

Create classes in EdPuzzle to easily track student progress. 

AND...(this is HUGE)... you have the option to lock the video assessment against fast forwarding.  Students will be forced to watch the entire video product in order to access the assessment questions you've placed throughout the video.  

Find more info and great tutorials here;


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