Bills filed in the 85th Legislative Session relating to Cosmetology in Texas

Interesting bills have now been filed during the 85th Legislative Session.  

At least 2 different versions of bill have been filed to reduce the hours for the Cosmetology Operator course to 1000 hours in the private or post secondary world.  Strangely, neither bill includes any revision for vocational, high school cosmetology programs.  Essentially, students in high school programs would no longer "save hours" by taking cosmetology in high school.   Based on conversations we have had with TEA & SBOE Members relating to the reduction in available credits for high school cosmetology courses, there were indications that we might see a reduction in the hour requirement.  Thus far, there has not been a bill filed that reduces the hours in high school programs.  

Additionally, a new bill has been filed to address the conflict between the regulations for credit hour cosmetology programs and the law requiring "clock hour" submissions AND ...

A bill that would allow testing for licensure at the students school!

Earlier bills haven't received much action thus far.  However, it is our expectation that "shampooing" will be removed from the list of services we are licensed to provide with a Cosmetology Operator license.  

I encourage you to read through the text in ALL of the bills that have been filed.  

Then please, write your state represenative.  

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree.   They need to hear your voice.  

Texas 85th Legislative Session

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