#CTEMonth continues with NEW Favorite Teacher Tech Tools that are PERFECT in the CTE Classroom!

Check out Trello for PBL lesson management! 

Free for Basic or $51.99 annually for Gold

iOS / Android / Desktop

Trello is an easy-to-use project management tool that allows you to create boards for each project you’re working on. Fill those boards with lists that break the project down into stages, and fill the lists with cards for individual tasks. As tasks are completed, you can drag and drop cards into the appropriate list to track your progress across the board. Organize everything from parent/teacher conferences to daily lesson plans to student projects. You can create individual boards for each subject or class to plan tests, papers, and projects, or you can work collaboratively with your colleagues on school-wide projects. Use Trello with your students by creating boards for group projects and inviting them to work together.

"Get better at getting better!"

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