Long term, meaningful work? Think CTE! #CTEMonth

It's no secret how frustrated we have been at the seemingly lack of respect for cosmetology programs, it's teachers and students. I believe that vocational high school cosmetology programs provide one of the most cost efficient, relevant pieces of career training available in Texas High School Career & Technical Education programs today.   Our programs save students thousands of dollars and to my knowledge, it's one of the only programs in Texas that provide students with a #careerready license upon graduation.   Yet, we've had to fight to provide enough time in our classes for students to complete their course, we don't have a practicum course available to us which would allow our students the opportunity to transition into industry upon licensure, a quiet decision was made to not adopt a textbook for cosmetology courses in Texas High Schools and we are in danger of losing the ability to provide dual credit articulation because of a lack of available TEKS based PEIMS codes for alignment with THECB courses.

I want to encourage you to become informed and involved.   As we motivate our students to think outside of the box, we need to be willing to do the same.    The Cosmetology industry generates big money in the State of Texas.   One can't lose sight of the fact that much of that is in the education industry.  During this legislative year our expectation is to possibly see a bill filed to reduce the number of required clock hours for the Cosmetology Operator course.   

For almost two years we have been fighting to keep 3 available credits for Cosmetology I and II.  Not only to have the available time needed for students to complete the course, but also to keep this as one solid block of 3 credits.   We know as teachers that we need that time concurrently in our classrooms regardless of what the clock hour requirement becomes.   We lost several battles this last year in our attempts.  

Keep an eye on the 85th Texas Legislative Session.

One bill filed removes shampooing from the list of services we provide.   This could possibly mean a reduction in the number of clock hours for our courses.   Could this and any additional reduction combined with the 2 credit course option mean more students in our classroom for a decreased amount of time?   For now, this is an unknown but certainly a possibility.  The 2-3 credit issue is about more than having available credits to use.   We are for more concerned with the amount of time our school districts will allow us to use if clock hours are reduced per TDLR regulations.   

Read more about respect for CTE programs here. Consider becoming an involved advocate for our industry and for our students.   

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