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Instructional Video Library

A plethora of instructional videos for cosmetology exists on the internet. You have to be wary of sharing videos with students without actually WATCHING them first!  We are sharing some of our favorite stylists, artists, instructors, and phenomenal playlists below.   

Professional Grade Skincare

Dermalogica was founded by a skin therapist. The company creates custom skin care solutions that work – not just today, but for life. They offer professional-grade skin care education, products, and services to skin therapists and customers alike. You can subscribe to their video channel by clicking their logo to the right or just click here. 

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Dermalogica - Professional Grade Skincare

The ScissorBoy
Grant Romundt

Grant Romundt is the Creator of The Cutting Edge Hair Show and CEO of Scissorboy. On his channel, he shares a number of engaging videos that most instructors will find useful in the classroom.   You can subscribe by clicking his logo to the right or clicking here. 

The ScissorBoy
The Cosmetology Closet - Monserrat Ramirez-Gonzales

The Cosmetology Closet
Monserrat Ramirez-Gonzales

Monserrat Ramirez-Gonzales is an innovative cosmetology instructor who currently works for Pasadena ISD. Her organization and creative lesson planning efforts have inspired many cosmetology instructors across the state of Texas and beyond. 

We have included one of her videos to the right. However, you need to check out her entire YouTube Channel to understand what a great resource she provides!  

You can click her logo to the right, or simply click here. 

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