Texas Cosmetology Educators

Certification Exams

Cosmetology Health & Safety

100 Questions

1 Hour Time Limit


Cosmetology Design &

Color Theory

100 Questions

1 Hour Time Limit


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Q: Why would a cosmetology program offer these certifications when there is a state license offered at the conclusion of the course?

A: Research tells us by awarding credit for a range of education, training, workplace learning, and skill building experiences that "stack" toward associate degrees, stackable credential programs help working students develop the skills they need to advance on the job and earn credentials that enable further study – at the same time.

Q: The textbooks that these certification exams are aligned to are for Texas High School courses.  Would it still be a good idea to offer these exams and/or use the curriculum in a community college or private school setting?

A:  YES!  Stackable credentials are NOT just for high school programs.  Skill development that encourages furtner study works in ALL age ranges. It keeps students invested and marks their progress towards the over-all certification. 

Q:  How much does a re-take test cost if a student does not score 70% the first time?

A:  Each test costs $35 regardless of the attempt.  This enables us to keep the cost low overall.  Students can take the test as many times as they need to.  

Q:  Does this certification test count on the TEA IBC list?

A:  Not at this time.  However, we have submitted the exams for consideration and would greatly appreciate your support.