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Call for Presentations

Presentations at the 2017 Texas Cosmetology Educators Fall Camp are scheduled in 45 minute increments.  We are looking for presentations that provide exciting, innovative and relevant lessons, projects, tools and/or opportunities to assist cosmetology educators in delivering a mastery of the rigorous knowledge and skills needed for licensure as a Cosmetology Operator in the State of Texas.  Please briefly describe the lesson, project, tool or opportunity you would like to share with camp attendees.  We are currently interested in the following: tools for implementation of distance learning, mastering infection control in the salon, industry opportunities for outside educators, SkillsUSA Project Ideas, CTSO Contest overviews and advice, and any other AWESOME thing you just know needs to be shared!

Please understand that our seating is limited, understand that all presenters who are accepted for this event will be required to register for this event.  As a presenter you will receive a $25 gift card to thank you for your willingness to TEACH.SHARE.INSPIRE. **Corporate presenters who will be arriving for their presentation, but not staying for the conference will not be expected to register for the conference.  

Upon acceptance of your proposal you will receive an email with a request for any files you'll be using in your session in digital form and specific agenda and registration information. Call for Presentations will close on September 15, 2017.  Selected presenters will be notified no later than September 30, 2017. We will see you "Cruisin' to Success" in Austin this November!

You may access the call for presenters form using the link below. 

Call for Presenters - Texas Cosmetology Educators 2017 Fall Cosmo Camp

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